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For State and Private Companies

  • unjustified absenteeism of managers and employees
  • infidel members in corporation
  • illegal and unfair competition
  • protect trademarks and patents and counterfeits
  • insurance fraud
  • confidential information on suppliers and customers
  • information for credit recovery
  • bank information
  • industrial counterintelligence
  • environmental and telephone reclamation

For private citizens and lawyers

  • missing persons and personal property
  • assets anonymous letters with threats
  • blackmail and harassment telephone
  • information pre-marital
  • extra-conjugal infidelity
  • protection of young minors from the dangers of narcotics
  • risks of suspected criminal companies for young minors
  • quarrels and violence in the family

For State Security Authority

  • Special missions with a high risk of cooperation around the world for the defense of State Security