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How we


After an in-depth technical and operational analysis on each individual case illustrated by clients, a quote is written.

Before making and signing a contract for consultations and services with Bononia Investigations, customers receive a written quote describing the work to be performed.

Then the operating expenses to be incurred for the execution of consultations / services are indicated.

Finally, the right professional Fee that agency requires is well indicated in the budget.

When customers accept quotes, they will have to sign the contracts in which:

a) Bononia Investigations asks in advance only the payment of operating expenses upon signing the contract.

b) Bononia Investigations will request the payment of Fee at the end of the work and upon delivery of the Information Report containing the collection of the evidences necessary for the Judicial Authorities. In cases where the evidences have not been collected, Bononia Investigations agency will not require any FEE.


In cases where customers like:

1) Private citizens

2) Medium/large companies of any type

should they have real and proven serious problems of financial liquidity to pay for consultancy and services, the agency will be able to carry out the investigations equally, according to the methods described above under the heading HOW WE OPERATE giving customers the chance to pay the services in installments.