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Bononia Investigations is the first private investigations agency operating in civil and criminal codes, founded in 1950 in Italy to Bologna by the mythical, famous dean of Italian private investigators, the Marshal Major Pasquale Cappai of the Carabinieri Army.

Pasquale Cappai was awarded the gold medal for military value for having saved the lives of thousands of Italian citizens. He was also a famous agent and officer of the Military Counterintelligence of the Security Secret Services of the Italian Republic.

In the 90s Pasquale Cappai formed the company with Paolo Bragaglia, a fond of the Science of Investigation and already an expert in communication & marketing, who had previously worked in information services abroad on behalf of Bononia Investigations.

Together, the two men with different cultures and experiences, shaped the agency by launching it on international markets creating a well-known blazon in specific private and state environments around the world.

In fact, between the late 1990s and the 2000s, Bononia Investigations collaborated in specific and well-defined private investigative cases with Italian and foreign federal police authorities such as CC, GDV, DIA, MPS and FBI.

Bononia Investigations has completed its fantastic cultural and professional training enrichment in a positive way with real ex agents and ex Civil and Military Security Services Officers from all over the world such as: SIS, KGB/FSB, GRU, MI6, SHINBET, SHIU, HNA, MTN, CSIS, GUOANBU, DGCI, VEVAK, SISDE, SISMI, IB, UZSI, DGIA, CIA, BCA, INTERPOL.

Today in 2019, Bononia Investigations cooperates in Italy with a qualified agency with Government Authorizations for civil/criminal investigations and abroad with a super-qualified international team of ex agents and ex-officers of special investigative and intelligence services, civil and military, with experiences of over 35 years matured all over the world. Investigation and intelligence professionals who can get anywhere (where the competitors don’t arrive) to collect extremely confidential informations.